President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Last day of Missionary "Meet and Greet" at Mission Home

This is the third day of an effort to meet all of our missionaries in three back-to-back days. We have had 9 zones come to the mission home, with a total of 170+ Elders and senior couples showing up.  It has been a fun-filled, spiritual experience to meet all of the Elders in a short period of time.  We only have one more zone to visit with and we will travel to them on Friday July 4th!!! This zone is 5 hours away from Johannesburg, so we are traveling with our AP's to them, instead of asking them to come to us!!

These "Meet and Greet" sessions have been the best way we could ever acclimate quickly to what is going on in this amazing mission. We continue to be so impressed with the quality of missionaries that are serving here.  You will see below my efforts to put them in smaller groups. I wish I could identify everyone by name in these pictures, but only having 3 days under my belt makes that a task that takes more time than I have right now. I am learning names however and finding each missionary to be so unique and special to us.

This is the first group of the day-the Northwest Zone! A  most outstanding group of motivated Elders.

A little ping pong is always fun while we are waiting to gather everyone

President Dunn greeting some of our great African missionaries!
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How heavenly father is viewing our missionaries!

The Vaal Zone met today at 1 pm and they have the distinction for the most musical group. I am trying to post their musical rendition of the Johannesburg Mission Song.
It is a rousing, inspiring song that I never tire of.

Here are our Vaal Zone Elders from Europe
England, England, Finland...then Elder Carpenter from Washington joining with them!!

Some brothers from the Island nations
New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti

Here are our wonderful North American Elders from the Northwest Zone
Idaho, Montana, Utah & Washington

Here are our European Elders in the NorthWest Zone
Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Missionaries enjoying a game of foosball before the meetings begin!

It is great to have missionaries in the mission home enjoying a little bit of food together!

Our darling AP's, Elder Davies from Brisbane Australia and Elder Bodily from Pleasant Grove. They are saving us as we get settled and they are great leaders of the Johannesburg mission.  They have strong testimonies of the gospel and are fun loving guys.


  1. These pictures make me feel like I'm there meeting them! Looks so fun. Can't wait for you to visit the zones this wekeend! LOVE YOU.

  2. Lin,
    I love seeing you , the elders and couples. What a great looking group. Thank you for the call. It was wonderful t hear your voice, and I look forward to talking again soon. You are in our continual thoughts and prayers. All my love!