President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy 24th of July!!

On this pioneer day in Utah, we are celebrating South Africa style! We honor our pioneer heritage which showed great faith and determination in traveling from Denmark, Scotland and England to come to the promised land. They made many sacrifices in search of religion and the freedom to worship  in America and on to Zion.
Today we started our day on our red, white and blue mountain bikes and took our first (of many) bike rides in South Africa.  Our road bikes are getting assembled this week and ready to go on our next P-day for a more serious ride.

Watch for more posts in the coming days. I have just recovered from 2 weeks with an African Flu Virus and then our first round of transfers with 15 great Elders returning home and 11 new Elders arriving.  We have much to catch up on.....and it is coming! Stay tuned!!

Fun to ride the hills of FloraCliffe. Perfect residential area for a fun up and down 8 mile ride. Great workout!!

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  1. Linda,
    I love reading your blog! Hopefully you can stay healthy (: we miss you in Utah, and especially at the Bennion Center! You are an inspiration to all! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!