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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Orientation with Six!

On Thursday July 14, 2016 we welcomed the six new missionaries to the mission home for a day of Orientation. They actually start at the mission office in the morning and come here around lunchtime for more training and information. Here President Dunn is greeting one of the new missionaries, Elder Katia from Kirabati with his trainer, Elder Wakaira.
Our Assistants, Elder Dean and Elder Pickup start off the meeting with introduction slides of each missionary and where they are from. It is a fun and personal way to begin the Orientation. 
I love hearing them introduce and talk about each other. In just 48 hours together, it is amazing how much they learn already about their companion and his strengths.

President Dunn also starts the meeting with a welcome and ends with the mission maxims and questions. All in all, it is a great day of introductions, information, training, food and just getting better acquainted.
We also have Sister Irene Shabalaya come out of the kitchen and introduce her to the missionaries. She shares advice and love for them. We are so lucky to have her serving with us in the mission home.
She gave such great advice today about learning something from everything..She said that today's orientation and messages can stay with you throughout your entire mission if you take note of the important things that are shared.
Lunch is a highlight of the orientation day. Today we served up chutney sloppy joes with salad and malva pudding for dessert. With 6 new Elders and their 6 trainers, we had a full table and a great group gathered in one place.
The malva pudding is a nice finale to the meal today. Elder Greener is enjoying the last bite with President Dunn photo-bombing behind:)
Everyone gets a tour of their mission home and they always love seeing the mission office and finding their pictures with their companions. 
Elder Higgs with Elder Todd for a quick pic before everyone leaves.
Elder Todd with his son,  Elder Powell from New Zealand. Elder Todd goes home at the next transfer, so they will hit the beach running because they only have 6 weeks together. This is a strong companionship.
We say good-bye to this group today and look forward to the amazing missionary work that will come from this new group. Welcome!

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