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Monday, July 11, 2016

Bedfordview Zoning In

On Sunday July 3, 2016 we hosted our wonderful Bedfordview Zone Leaders, Elder Downs and Elder Mugenyi for a Sunday dinner. We were able to discuss the upcoming Zoning In and see how their zone was doing. What a pleasure to have these two great Elders in the Mission Home. 
Elder Dean and Elder Pickup joined us and helped in serving the dinner and talking about the zone.

On Wednesday July 6, 2016 we headed to Bedfordview and started our "Zoning In" at the Orange Grove flat with Elders Luweire and Elder West. We joined them in their companionship study.

Right now, this companionship is a threesome with Elder Magesi.
It was a pleasure to be with all of them and participate for an hour in their study and discussion about the day and their investigators.

We love seeing the mission maps in use. These have been enlarged and laminated in the past three months (thanks to Elder Pickup and Masoka) and every flat now has an accurate, updated map of their area. Now, they can use this to mark members, investigators and contacts. This group has theirs really in use.

Before we left for the day, we also had a chance to see what delicious stew they had made in their slow cooker.

Elder West has a pretty impressive array of spices

They even let us sample their beef stew. It was delicious and they are sharing their recipe with all the missionaries at the upcoming workshop in August on healthy meals.

This was the first visit by us to this particular flat. We enjoyed our time with them all so much.
We left the flat and headed to the Primrose area where the entire zone was once again contacting. This is an area that needs more investigators. It was a great day contacting. Enjoy the pictures to follow. 

Starting with Elder Rako, Elder Murriwa and Elder Shava

And they are off.....hitting the streets.

Elder Mpiyaki is geting a contact.

Elder Zitumane and his companion Elder Ebite along with the zone leaders are getting everything set up.

Loved seeing Elder Martinho making contacts. This is especially impressive since he has a cochlear implant and also is learning English. He is so remarkable and making such progress being able to communicate on the street.

Elder Swindlehurst and Elder Clegg are helping in the FINDING efforts today.

The banner helps bring attention to our efforts.

I met a new friend who was very interested in coming to the church and meeting the missionaries, which was surprising because she was a member of the ZCC. (Zion Christian Church).

We went through a lot of publications today.

It is always nice when people will stop and listen and look at the materials we are giving out free.

Elder Ebite is opening his out and sharing!

Elder Avarell even got someone to stop on his bike!

Elder Ebite and Sister Dunn have their materials ready

Elder Rouse was relentless in his efforts to share.

Even President Dunn was sharing with everyone he met!
All in all, a great day with the Bedfordview Zone.

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