President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kitchen Cooking Days

Sister Irene and I plan a cooking day every now and then. We plan ahead and make food for the coming weeks. On Monday June 28th we really went to town and made so much food together. Chutney sloppy joes were one of many items on the prep list. 
Kayla Westpfahl came today and helped us make food. She has been a fun friend that likes to join together on our  cooking days. Irene and I were happy to have her join with us.

We even took time with Kayla and enjoyed a healthy lunch together.

I also made homemade pesto with fresh basil and pinenuts.

Bobotie was made in mass with 3 pans filled with this delicious Afrikaans recipe.
I also tried my hand at a butter chicken recipe that starts with roasted tomatoes and a special curry powder and coconut mile. Yum!

During our next transfer we are going to host a cooking workshop with the missionaries during the August interviews. I am excited to see the recipes they come with that can be used in the slow cookers we have recently offered to missionaries.

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  1. Wish I had been part of this! Promise we can make homemade pesto when you're here??!!