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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Scotsman Heads Home

Elder McCartney from Scotland heads home after 24 months of service. His mother, sister, brother in law and niece came to pick him up and travel with him for a few weeks before heading home. We will miss him and appreciate the fine service he has rendered. I will never forget his singing of Danny Boy at the Christmas Talent Show.
It was so special to actually witness the reunion in our mission home kitchen.

We were able to host a nice luncheon at the mission home with all of them before they headed out together.

It was fun to have Elder McCartney's sister Lola join his mother and also his niece Amy.

Antonia Eduardo and his wife were so generous to pick them up and offer a ride from the airport. We also hosted them for lunch.

Irene knows these great people and we all enjoyed being together.

Family reunion!

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