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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bon Voyage Elder Clegg

Elder Clegg goes home on Monday July 19, 2016 after traveling with his parents for a week in the mission. We honor his service and wish him the best as he travels home. We won't have any pictures with him at the airport, So we will pst a few pictures here as he departs.
His mom and dad arrived on Monday July 11th and a great reunion happened and they were then able to be part of the transfer morning and participate with welcoming the new Elders and hearing departing testimonies.
We captured a few pics of recent companions with Elder Swindlehurst above and Elder Pickup below.
He deserves this close up after all the ones he shot with my camera! haha
Wr have enjoyed having Elder Clegg serve as an Assistant and share his love for all the people and cultures of South Africa. We also acknowledge his great "finding" efforts in the mission. He led out with Elder Swindlehurst in the pilot program of "Finding Investigators Team"  and did a great job helping to boost the finding efforts mission wide.
Travel well and keep in touch, Elder Clegg and enjoy time with your great family.

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