President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Never Easy To Say Goodbye

On July 14, 2016 we said good-bye to Elders that came in the very first group after we arrived in July 2014. This is an extra special transfer to have these same Elders we welcomed here in South Africa now heading home. We love the chance to say good-bye to them as we say hello to 6 new Elders. It makes the parting a little easier to see the new Elders able to witness the strength of those going home.

This is also a unique transfer because all of them are not leaving today on Transfer Day. Some are traveling with their families for a week or two- (Elder Clegg and Elder McCartney) and some go home over this next transfer due to visa and school issues- (Elder Broadhead, Elder Swindlehurst and Elder Tekurio) and one goes home today- (Elder Taylor).
So, luckily we didn’t have to say good-bye to all of them today- but we are celebrating this milestone with them and heading to the temple after the new missionary Q and A and the testimony meeting. But, not before we have a celebratory lunch together at the mission home.

We love hosting a final meal at the mission home for all our departing Elders. Today we served a very typical South African Braai complete with top sirloin, chicken, boerwors and lamb chops. We also had Sister Irene’s famous pap and chakalaka. I made roasted butternut, a green salad and the famous chocolate cake.
One of my favorite parts of the transfer day! So fun to gather at the mission home and enjoy time together on this very special day.

We also added a few more to our departing temple trip due to the fact that the Johannesburg Temple will be closed for updates for the entire month of August 2016. For this reason we added all our August departures to our temple trip and departing reflection video.

We then headed to the airport to say good-bye to Elder Taylor.
He had members also show up to wish him well and show their appreciation and love and support for his service.

It is wonderful to see the support and love of members. It is a big effort to come to the airport and see a missionary off. I am always touched by this.
Elder Todd and Elder Taylor were companions and have a great deal of love and respect for each other. It was great to have Elder Todd with us today to be able to be at the airport.
Bon Voyage Elder Taylor! Go well and keep in touch!


  1. You guys make it so special!!

  2. Sister Dunn, Can you please email me? I am an adoptive mother of Elder Opolot. I have been trying to get a hold of the mission office through email (but not sure if I have the correct email address) and I called and left a phone message. Thank you!