President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vaal Interviews

Elder Mpiyakhe, Elder Savage, Elder Adjei, Elder Mwale came with the Vaal Zone for interviews. We enjoyed our last day of July 2015 Interviews at the mission home. Our Etiquette book has had good use, but really it is the Missionary White Handbook that gives us the most tips and codes of conduct! 

1.    the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.
"the rules of etiquette are changing"
protocol, polite behaviour, good manners, manners, acceptable behaviour,accepted behaviour, proper behaviour, code of behaviour, rules of conduct/behaviour, decorumformgood formMore

We enjoyed our last batch of Butternut Soup-recipe below.
Thanks to Sister Dorothy Zachrison from the Durban Mission for this great recipe. I have now made it so many times and absolutely love the texture, flavor and ease of this recipe. 

Our final group had a little more time to linger. We even got President Dunn to join with us for Etiquette tips and discussion over lunch.

Pictures: President Dunn, Elder Valikoula, Elder Masoka, Elder Tukia and Elder Di Ruscio, (Elder Mdletcshe is there, but hiding behind Elder Di Ruscio.)

These are the etiquette "sticky situations"we discussed over lunch with every group over the past month of interviews.

Etiquette Questions:

I was impressed over the past month at all the great discussion around these questions. It is clear to me that our Elders are wonderful examples of decorum and good training. However, it was valuable to discuss these situations and have them share good ideas they have about the situations they could and do find themselves in.

What if you don’t like the food you are served? How do you gracefully decline?

Is it rude to decline seconds if you are offered them? Is it always appropriate to take more food if offered?

What should you do if you burp during a meal?

How do you eat spaghetti?

How do you eat soup with proper etiquette?

What should you do if your hosts are eating with their fingers?

How can you offer help if the hostess declines for you to clear the table or do the dishes?

Should you sit together as a companionship in church? When would you not sit together?

How do you handle a situation when a female is flirtatious towards you?
What should you do if a girl wants to give you a hug or hug you as you take a picture together?

What do you do of you need to sneeze at a dinner table? What if you need to blow your nose? What about a cough?

What is appropriate rule of thumb in terms of etiquette with young women while a missionary?

How can you be kind to females, but not give them the wrong idea when you are a missionary?

How can you protect your companion against inappropriate activities?

What should be different about how you react to females as a missionary?

What should you do if there is a fly in your soup?

What does the WHB say about missionary etiquette and appropriate behavior?

What does the word “Etiquette” means?

What is the most embarrassing etiquette situation you have found your self in?

What should you do if you get something in your mouth you need to spit out? (I.e. grisly meat, something that you cannot swallow, etc.)

Should you sit down before being invited to? If so, when is it most appropriate?

Is it appropriate to ask for more food or should you wait to be invited to have more?

When you are invited into a home, should you wait to be invited to sit down?



  1. Can't wait to try that soup of yours...and see the amazing etiquette you've taught the missionaries! :)

  2. You will be trying it...for sure. Even if it is summer when you come:)

  3. You will be trying it...for sure. Even if it is summer when you come:)