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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Roodepoort Interviews!

For the month of July we have conducted interviews in the mission home twice a week. These are great days to be able to spend some time with individual Elders. Below are some great pictures form Tuesday July 21st when the Roodepoort Zone showed up. They had some "suspender surprises" for us!
Elder Kwaibaisi, Elder Tima, Elder Samuel, Elder Clegg, Elder Deichmann and Elder Whitesides gather out in front before the interviews begin.
Roodepoort Zone Leaders, Elder Clegg and Whitesides, helped get everyone there on time. It was a well organized day!
Elders started be setting the table for our Etiquette Workshop. Below, one of the early district groups included Elder Brown, Elder Natwijuka, Elder Pedersen and Elder Perkins (not pictured, due to being in his interview with President Dunn.)
We also had the pleasure of having Elder taylor, Elder Bergman, Elder Adjin and Elder Hepworth (also in his interview)

Notice this group is color coordinated???
Now you can really see the effort to come as a united group. We thought it was great that without knowing, President Dunn matched with his tie choice today. I even got in on the color coordinating a bit.
Our last group of the day had the pleasure of getting Elder and Sister Thompson to join for lunch. It makes the Etiquette discussion even more fun when our senior couples join in and offer insights. All in all, a great day.
*Most of the interview pictures are being added to the Miss(ionary) Manners post of  week ago. Look there for even more pictures of individual groups.

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  1. These were probably some of the interview days we interrupted with Facetime :)
    Love the matching suspenders!