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Thursday, July 2, 2015

SAJM Leadership Council-July 2015

Each transfer, we gather the zone leaders together on Week 2. This gives us all time together to go over issues in the mission and discuss upcoming events. Zone meetings are planned for each zone for the 3rd week of the transfer.  So, next Friday the Zone Leaders will cover all the topics we covered with their zones. We are 6 Elders smaller now in the Mission Leadership Council, due to the Pretoria, Sunnyside and Tzaneen Zones being re-assigned to Botwana/Namibia.
President Dunn, Elder Worton and Elder Olson prep for the meeting
Meanwhile, our great senior couples help get a lunch ready for the Zone Leaders before we start the meeting. We made sloppy joes this time, with warm malva pudding for all.
We are so lucky to have such great senior couples in the Thompson's and Allred's.
Elder Riley and Elder Jackson are holding up the tent in the Johannesburg Zone.
Elder Worton pictured wtit Elder Tukia.
Happy Stomachs..Happy Elders!

Everyone seated and ready to begin.
A good governing body

Elder Thompson shared some important updated car information with Elders.  I don't know what we would do without his expertise as the "Car Czar".....who is so nice and easy to work with.

Lots of great discussion happened on a variety of topics, such as implications for the new boundaries, how to adjust our yearly goals, interviews and zone conference topics, etc. 

We have great leaders in the mission.

Here are our two newest additions to the Mission Leadership Council, Elder Rini and Elder Clegg!

Here are the Elders that are enjoying their last Mission Leadership Council..they all go home on August 4th, along with 17 others!
Elder Beers, Elder Harris, Elder Whitehouse, Elder Browning, Elder Riley!

We enjoy being around these great Elders.

Elder Clegg and Elder Henderson catching up-they both served in the Tzaneen Zone together.

Thanks to our great Assistants, Elder Worton and Elder Olson. They do such a great job running the meeting and getting us all organized.

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  1. We are so very grateful for all your time and effort put into teaching our boys leadership skills. I know they will benefit from these councils for their entire lives. Please know how much we love you for loving and taking care of them, and again, for keeping a blog that we sit on pins and needles each week to read. Your time is so appreciated.