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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Special Occasions!

On Friday July 18, 2015, we paused and celebrated two big occasions. Elder Olson on the eve of his 20th birthday and Elder and Sister Davies getting ready to leave South Africa after 18 months of tremendous service with the Seminary and Institute programs.

We took the occasion to try once again to provide a meal we all love and miss from the States: Cafe Rio.   We made homemade tortillas and created the sweet pork and dressing. We also had black beans, pico, lime rice and we all felt like we were getting a "free meal" at with either "black or pinto"!:)
It was a fun evening and a great crowd to celebrate with.

 We also enjoyed hearing Elder Olson's plans for his 20th year ahead. He goes home in December, so most if this year will be as a Returned Missionary! The Davies shared great stories about their wonderful opportunity to serve. They have visited and helped train over 40 different seminary and institute teachers in the stakes in Gauteng. What a marvelous job they have done. We were so fortunate to have their friendship and influence int he mission. They specifically helped with our new mission binders, the Christmas party and breakfast and flat inspections for the SAJM. We love them and will miss them.

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  1. Such cute people to celebrate! I need that Cafe Rio NOW please!!! :)