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Friday, July 24, 2015

Pioneer Day in the SAJM

A message from President Dunn to all the missionaries in their weekly letter:
July 24, 2015
This week in Utah is the annual “24th of July”  celebration. This holiday commemorates the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley after crossing the American continent in their quest for their long-envisioned “Deseret.” As missionaries in the SAJM hailing from 36 different countries, we also have a claim on that pioneer heritage, according to former General Relief Society President Bonnie D. Parkin: "We are all required to make journeys of faith. That is the gospel plan. Our path may not be crossing an ocean or walking alone from an empty train station. But whatever it is, it will demand faith in every footstep. Years from now your grandchildren will tell with amazement stories of your choices which changed their lives. You will be called their pioneers. Have you ever thought that as you step into the unknown you are showing others the way?"
We had our own celebration to start the day off. We met at the mission home for our weekly staff meeting and started with a Pioneer Breakfast.

We enjoyed german pancakes, french toast, quiche and fruit....and mostly the company of great people. We love working each day and week with the Thompsons and Allred's and our trusted Assistants, Elder Worton and Elder Olson.
It is meaningful to pause and honor this special day and all the incredible journeys that have created the history and legacies we are all part of.
Our own journey is an important part of the process.

"It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end." ~Ursula K. LeGuin

The spirit of a journey is as important, even more important, than the arrival at our destination. In order for us to realize genuine happiness, we must be willing to court contentment every step of the way. For after all, the journey is all that most of us will ever know. day in and day out. The journey is real life.

Journey on!

As part of the week's celebration, President Dunn and the Assistants took a break after a meeting to throw the baseball around for a minute. 

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