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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Zoning in with Daveyton

We started our day studying with the 4 Daveyton Elders and then we joined with the entire Benoni Zone and headed to the township of Daveyton. The cluster there could use more energy and members, so we did a blitz with everyone and it was very successful.
Following are the pictures from the hours we spent on the streets of Daveyton. What great Elders! It was a delight to be with them today and we got pages of referrals to share with the specific Elders that serve here.

It is alwasy helpful to study in missionaries flats. We got there and studies with 4, but then at 10 am other missionaries started to gather there.

On the streets with a member, Monica and her recently baptized daughter and Elder Mbiriwiri and Elder Schnepf.

 Elder Manuma is attracting the children with Elder Natwijuka!

We were busy filling out pass along cards and many people kept coming to see what we had to share!

Elder Bergman and Elder Nicotra are the zone leaders for Benoni and they put this all together today!

There was along list of phone numbers from our contacting today.

Thanks Benoni Elders for a great missionary effort today!

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