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Thursday, March 3, 2016

7 March On!

On Tuesday March 1, 2016 we experienced yet another transfer day. Today we had 7 Elders departing for home. Below are the bittersweet shots of saying god-bye to these great young men.
Each Elder had a chance to bear testimony to all the new missionaries and their trainers. We have pictures above of Elder Holmquist, Elder Mdletche, Elder Bua and Elder Hepworth.
We enjoy pinning them and giving them a patch and framed bio of their areas and companions.
After we headed to the mission home for a lunch before the temple. Here are  our Assistants. Elder Masoka is on his last day and Elder Clegg has joined the ranks.
Lunch with the addition of our family joining with us. Mindy and Lydia are captured in this photo with our departing Elders. 
On Tuesday night we dropped off Elder Hepworth and Elder Holmquist after an afternoon at the temple.
Elder Hepworth heads home to Idaho

Elder Holmquist is headed to Cache Valley, Utah!

Next morning we said good-bye to the Elders from Africa.

Elder Rami from Madagascar

Elder Brown from Ghana

Elder Mdletche from Durban

Elder Bua from Uganda

Elder Masoka from the Eastern Cape

The departing 5 form Africa
...with President Dunn

One final goodbye to Elder Mdletshe

and Elder Masoka

Together with President Dunn

Elder Bua and Elder Brown are the final two from this group.

Elder Clegg replaces Elder Masoka as a new Assistant.  Elder Masoka leaves big shoes to fill and Elder Clegg has been prepared and is up for it...with the Lord's help!
We need assistance and certainly have it with these 2!

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