President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Zone conference day 2

Day 2 of zone conference started in the Roodepoort Chapel with the Roodepoort, Soweto and Vaal Zones. It was a great day. It looks like no one was in attendance- haha- but they were all seated down the left side.
We rolled out the new monogrammed birthday water bottles to all our January, February and March birthdays!

What a great attentive, participating audience. 

Roodepoort Zone
Back Row: Elder and Sister Wells, Elders Musiiwa, Tima, Bakes, Reynolds, Kufoalor, Masiya, Mpiyakhe
Front Row: Elders Furgeson. Campbell, President and Sister Dunn, Lino, Phiri, Elder and Sister Larsen (in matching Springbok aprons) and Elder Taylor!

Soweto Zone
Back Row: Elders Wardle, Banda, Broadhead, Gramu, Graham, Lambert, Morrill, Lea'aetoa, Nelson
Middle Row: Elder and Sister Black, Sister and President Dunn, Sister and Elder Card,
Front Row: Elders Samuel, Gwaka, Kagimba, Ratsimbazafy, Watenga and DelaCruz

Vaal Zone
Back Row: Elders Tekurio, Asay, Daki, Kilgore, Manoo, Shava, Jorgenson, Phiri, Bonifaz
Middle Row: Elder and Sister Jeffries, Sister and President Dunn, Sister and Elder Charchenko
Front Row: Elders Zitumane,  Kuyangepi, Hlophe, Dean, Mugenyi, ?, Opolot

Camera men!

Elder Dube, Elder Di Ruscio, Elder Taylor and Elder Mugenyi

Elder and Sister Card! brought their enthusiasm.
We love them.

Elder Asay, our zone leader that also conducted so well today!

Elder Pickup and Elder Clegg preparing to start their session on the "Online Goldmine"
Good session participants: Elder Broadhead, Elder Graham, Elder DelaCruz and Elder Kagimba

Elder Samuel with Elder Nelson

The mission office gets busy after the conference

Elder Clegg and Elder Morrill with Elder Wardle in the foreground

Elder Daki and Elder Kilgore

Candid camera!

Elder Larsen is always helping someone with a broken bike or a car in need of attention!

Elder Lambert and Elder Broadhead are finishing up training in Nelspruit.

Elder Opolot and Elder Kagimba

Our great senior couples serving in Nelspruit traveled down for the conference and stayed with us in the mission home.
The Cards and the Blacks!

Elder Les'aetoa with Elder Campbell and Elder Furgeson

Elder Kilgore getting mail and mission supplies

Elder Bakes at his first zone conference

Elder Dean with Elder Hlophe

The store room is a great place to stock up ont hemission supplies. Sister Larsen makes it easy to be helped and served. Elder Shava and Elder Hlophe are being served.

Elder and Sister Larsen offering assistance as always:
Elder Opolot, Elder Manoo, Elder Nelson and Elder  Wilombe


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