President and Sister Dunn

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Bear in Benoni

On Sunday March 6, 2016 the Benoni Stake hosted a Bears and Prayers fireside and really made a great deal of effort to advertise it. Below, you can see the local newspaper ran ads prior to the fireside.
 We enjoyed being with our great Centurion Elders.
Zone Leaders: Elder Nicotra and Elder Bergman, Elder Eki, local member and Elder Schnepf. We also had our grandson Taggart visiting and he was so excited to get to go to hear his Papa's story.
Elder Avarell and Elder Reid

Elders Weidman, Chingomanje, Chirwa,  Manuma, Phiri, Mbiriwiri and Shamanga
With future Elder Dunn (Taggart)

The lovely ladies of Benoni- Sister Mandy and Sister Sandi

President Dunn with Elder Mavuso and Elder Wilombe and Grandson Tagg.

Elder Nicotra with Elder  Adams and Elder Nonumwar.


  1. That is hilarious that it was really in the paper, I thought you guys were kidding! Haha! Cute pictures of Tagg with the missionaries!

  2. Great to see all these people we love! Fun for Tagg to see his Papa give the 'Bear' fireside.