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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Grandkiddos Visit

ON Sunday February 28th we welcomed our family to South Africa.

Tagg (3) and Lydia, almost 1 got to come along. Tears filled our eyes as we saw how big Tagg has grown and to be able to hold Lydia for the very first time.

A special book and treat basket waiting for them.

Tagg jumped right into all the fun things the mission home had to offer.

We even watched "African Cats" with them.

Faced times with Maddie and Zach in Richmond Virginia

Read one of our new books together.

On our P day we visited the lion park

they don't seem real...but it is fun to pet them, even if they are asleep.

Wake up Kitty!

The giraffe was awake and wanting food!

Lydi didn't know what to think.

Happy with her papa!

Tagg had lots to show us at the park.

Lydi's smile is irresistible.

Tagg got a new rubge ball. He likes calling it rubge instead of rugby!

The team got a tri

Homemade sweet rolls are always a treat.

Tagg loved the animals he found around the house..that were waiting for him to come.

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