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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Orva comes knocking

Over 20 years ago we bought a home on Mt. Olympus Way in SLC, Utah and found ourselves lucky to be neighbors to Jim and Orva Nielson. Not long after we moved in the Nielson's re-located to West Jordan and left us . We were sad but they sold their home to our friends and new neighbors, Christine and Steven Holding. A new house was built and Orva and Jim and their raspberry patches, beautiful kept gardens and little blue cottage home became just a memory. But we never forgot Orva and Jim. In fact we visited them in their new home and have thought of them often. Unfortunately Jim passed away a number of years ago.

Then we find ourselves in South Africa and one day in a church where we were visiting a young man introduced himself to us, John Mangum and said he as Orva Nielson's grandson. He said Orva was coming in a few months to visit. I asked him to please have her come and see us when she came.
So, John kept his promise. He saw us again before Orva came and we made a plan. So, right before Christmas we got to see Orva again. She paid us a visit with John and she looks like she hasn't aged since we first met her over 2 decades ago!

It is so fun to make connections from long ago and connect up again on the other side of the world. I have always aspired to be like Orva..and now I hope I can age like she has.
We sent this story to our home ward newsletter editor. I think a few neighbors from the past will be delighted to see how Orva gets around.

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