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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Saying goodbye to the Terrific 13!

On Tuesday December 8, 2015 we experienced our 13th transfer to date on our mission since arriving in July 2015. We also received 13 new Elders and said goodbye to 13 on the same day.
This is the "lucky 13" at play.

Here is a video of the 13 departing Elders and what a few of them had to say upon reflection for a final video taped comment. (some are not represented because their parents picked them up or they leave in a few weeks.

Elder Cummins heading to the United Kingdom

Elder Dlamini headed back to Swaziland

Elder Jackson headed home to Minnesota 

Elder Larsen headed off with his parents and brother and sister to travel for a week before heading back to California

Elder Mavundla left today for Swaziland

Elder Melese is ready for his short flight to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

Elder Olson had his last day as an Assistant and headed off to travel with his mom and dad for week before he heads back to Utah.
Elder Peterson-heading home to Utah
Elder Rini left today for his one hour flight to the Eastern Cape of South Africa
Elder Rogers-headed to Arizona

Elder Roybal-on his way home to California.

Elder Rushton  left on Tuesday January 12, 2016 for home. We had him around a few weeks longer. 

We loved this group and wish them the very best as they transition to life at home. We hope to keep track of them and stay connected. They have all added so much to the SAJM and will be missed.

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  1. I truly love all of these Elders and loved being here to see them off. Such darling missionaries! It makes me cry to think of their departure dinner and testimonies!