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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Zone Conference Day On

On Tuesday and Wednesday December 1-2, 2015 the SAJM hosted our annual Mission Tour with President and Sister Hamilton. Once a year we are privileged to have a tour with a General Authority. We have been looking forward to getting the Hamilton's at the end of this 2015 year. We cannot beleive it is already here.

Welcome to the Mission Tour. Here Elder Olson is welcoming everyone to the first day held at Bedfordview Chapel with the Centurion, Johannesburg, Benoni and Bedfordview Zones.
Bedfordview Zone
Benoni Zone
Johannesburg Zone
Centurion Zone

Dwecember 2, 2015 was the second day of the mission tour and was held at the Roodeport Chapel with the Soweto, Roodeport and Vaal Zones.
We have so loved being with the Hamilton's for the Mission Tour. They did a wonderful job teaching and inspiring all of us.

Soweto Zone
Vaal Zone

Roodeport Zone
Elder Zitumane and Elder Flack posing for a picture. Below are pictures from both days.   We love this time to be together and edified.

Today we offered a "mission tour store"  for those that came with green card showing they had a clean flat. As incentive to keep it that way, we gave away items we have gathered  from other missionaries.
Elder Morrill  found a great book in the mission tour store that can be helpful.
Elder Dube found a good game he could use on P-Day.

We are so appreciative for all the great senior couples do to make a mission tour or zone conference a success. The Allred's and the Larsen's are so wonderful.
 Elders love to gather and chat before and after the conference. Today was special to have the Hamilton's mingling with Elders.

Our newest senior couple, the Charchenko's meeting the Lombardie's from the area office.

Hamilton's enjoying lunch with the missionaries.

Each zone conference is a time to honor those who have had a birthday. Today we passed out our favoritie "well wish"...for a healthy year ahead...

.......of hydrating and keeping hands clean! They seem to like this gift, especially the drink during the conference!

We loved having the Scott's and Swan's join with us from the Nelspruit area.  
The Lombardi's always add to any occasion in our mission.

Today's lunch was chicken pot pie and everyone lined up with appreciation for a good homecooked meal.

Lunch time is always a nice part of the conference.

Nice to see President Dunn take time to enjoy a little lunch with our Elders.

More rolls anyone?

Happy Birthday Elder Adjei

Lunch group photos are always fun!

After lunch on Wednesday we had Elder line up to go to the second day of the "mission tour store". This was popular both days as Elders were incentivized to keep flats and cars clean.
Perusing the store aisles!

Waiting to go into the mission tour store!
All in all, the two days of the mission tour were bonding, uplifting and edifying for all. Elder and Sister Hamilton made so many comments about how impressive the Elders of the SAJM are.  Both Elder and Sister Hamilton provided great training and it was a pleasure to be able to host them for the annual tour with a General Authority!

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