President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lucky #13!

13 new Elders arrived in the SAJM on Tuesday December 8, 2015 happy and ready to go to work!
Elder Carr with Elder Widdison as his trainer
Elder Chakanyuka with Elder Ratsimbazafy as his trainer
Elder Cowan with Elder Savage as his trainer

Elder Furgeson with Elder Chirwa
Elder Hall with Elder Chingomanje as his trainer
Elder Hunsaker with Elder Campbell as his trainer.
Elder Jorgensen with Elder Benson as his trainer
Elder Musiiwa

Elder Kakuwi with Elder Khwela as his trainer

Elder Kagimba with Elder Opolot as his trainer
Elder Shaver with Elder Nelson as his trainer
Elder Warnock with Elders Downs as his trainer.

Elder Wikaira with Elder Di Ruscio as his trainer

Last but not least, we got to have our beloved son-in-law as one of our missionaries today. It is so wonderful to have him visiting with Emi for the holidays.

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  1. hahah! loved seeing chase's face suddenly pop up at the end of all these cute new elders. he wishes he was your new missionary in the SAJM! excited for this new group and can't believe they will be on the mission when you leave!