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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The November Nine!

Nine New Missionaries arrived on November 25th.
It is always a fun day in a mission to welcome new missionaries to the best mission in the world.  On a beautiful spring day in November, yes, that's right it is spring, we enjoyed meeting these great Elders from all around the world for the first time.

First up, Elder Ainslie from Somerset, UK, 18 years old. He has been a sports coach, qualified in first aid, received many coaching certificates and is an avid accomplished snow skier! Imagine that, from England! 
His new trainer is Elder Todd, who just got through training himself

Elder Phiri is from Lusaka, Zambia. He is 24 years old and has been working and teaching with Elders for a year. He is an outstanding young man who joined the church first in his family and then taught all of them with the help of the missionaries. He is humble and ready to be a great full time missionary.

His new trainer is Elder Magrangqa who is actually from South Africa and an excellent missionary that came here from the Sierra Leone Mission.

Elder Laminie joins us from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  It is wonderful to get Elders form this country to serve with us and help us reach the people. He is outgoing and so happy to be here. During our Orientation, he asked so many questions and shared so much enthusiasm with everyone.

His new trainer is Elder Novotny who is from the Czech Republic and one of our great missionaries. They are headed North to serve in Tzaneen.  What a great team they will be.

Elder Mamhere is from Zimbabwe. He is good with computers and knows how to fix them too! We noticed his great sense of humor and are looking forward to all he will bring to our mission.

His new trainer is Elder Swindelhurst who is from Southern California. He is also a new missionary that just trained himself and is training for after only being here 12 weeks.

Meet Elder Nonumwar from the islands of Micronesia, Guam.  Home is the island of Chuuk.  Our son served his mission in Micronesa, so we feel really connected to Elder Nonumwar's home and love him already.

His new trainer is Lea'aetoa, also "an islander" from Tonga.  They are excited to be Polynesia brothers together.

We welcome Elder Dube from Zimbabwe.  He comes with a lot of experience already as a missionary as he worked with the missionaries before he came out on his mission.

He is lucky to have Elder Andritiana as the trainer. He brings great energy.

Elder Savage is from South Jordan Utah. He enjoys tennis, skimboarding, snowboarding, guitar and piano. He is an Eagle Scout, Seminary graduate, and accepted to BYU. We are excited to have him in our mission.

His new trainer is Elder Clegg also from Utah. Elder Clegg has been here since September, so we are excited to have him as a trainer so soon on his mission.

Elder Smalley is from Sumter, South Carolina. He has lived in Turkey and Japan for extended periods of time. He has also been accepted to BYU. He is an all-state football player. His dad has been in the service, so has lived all around. His father is African and he has a Japanese mother. What a great asset to our mission.

Elder Farnes is having another opportunity to be a trainer.  These tow will be quite a force for good.

Elder Wegrowski is from Wildomar, California. He loves basketball,  golf,  engineering and mountain biking. He is an Eagle Scout and a talented pianist. He also has conversational Spanish skills.

Elder Broadhead, as a recent new Elder himself, has the opportunity to be his trainer.  WE are very excited to have many young Elders already stepping up as leaders in this very important trainer role.

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