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Sunday, November 9, 2014

An Orientation for the World

On Thursday November 6th, we welcomed the 7 new Elders to the mission home that most recently arrived on October 14th to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission.  These Elders hail from 6 different countries, Sweden, Italy, Chile, American Samoa, French Polynesia and the United States. 

Below: Elder Avial with his trainer, Elder Wood.
Elder May with his trainer, Elder Stilgoe.    Elder Santora with his trainer, Elder Nicotra.

Below: Elder Tukorio with his trainer, Elder Van Heerdan.

Elder Avial with his trainer Elder Wood.  Elder Manuma with his trainer, Elder Allen.                  Elder Bergstrom with his trainer Elder Asay. Elder Di Ruscio with his trainer, Elder Jackson.
We love welcoming new Elders to their mission home and making them feel welcome in the home. We start with homemade sweetrolls, and then start the 9 am program.

Our Assistants run the program and start by having each of the trainers introduce and tell us ore about their new companion by sharing what they admire most and what they find unique. This is always insightful and fun to learn more about all of them. It is also touching to see how close the trainer and the new Elder can become in just a few short weeks.

In the orientation, Elders hear from the Assistants and find out so much interesting information about the areas and the Elders and the goals of the mission.
President Dunn and Sister Dunn take some time and each give a message and interact as part of the orientation.
Sister Dunn keeps bringing her ropes back and she gives everyone a mental and physical task to get untangled from two knotted ropes. It forces companions to think together and be creative. When it is all said and done, we make an object lesson from the ropes, reflecting that it takes two to get it solved. It also reminds everyone that there are innovative ways to tackle problems.  Finally, the solution is "in their hands" and the lesson and message that follows builds on that idea.

President Dunn takes time at the end to bring it all together, He shares about the maxims of the mission and about the major objectives he wants them to know about. All in all, it is a great meeting and fun to connect with the new Elders and trainers.
We follow the meeting with a fun lunch. We take time to BBQ some hamburgers and pause and let everyone be together for awhile before they all depart and get back to work! One of the best meetings in our transfer schedule.
This orientation was particularly fun because my cute mother, Ginny Poulson, arrived at midnight the night before. She joined with us for this event, and it was perfect for her to get oriented herself. She was so impressed with each and every missionary and the whole feel.

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