President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

We were invited to a lovely Thanksgiving Feast at a members home, the Klintworths. It was a wonderful evening filled with 34 wonderful people we got acquainted with.  Our two zone leaders, Elder Cazier and Elder Leman were with us, which was wonderful.
The next evening, Friday November 29th, we hosted a fun gathering with 12 senior couples in honor of our American holiday.  I really enjoyed being able to host this evening for many reasons, but one was that my cute mom was still in town and I wanted her to meet our wonderful senior couples and some of the great area office people we get to interact with. 

Great food was brought by everyone! It truly was a feast.We filled up both tables and challenged everyone to sit by someone they didn't know.

Between dinner and dessert we had everyone change seats and get acquainted with someone else.  It really made it fun and more interactive for everyone.

It was so fun to still have my mom here visiting. She talked to everyone at the party.

Our AP's enjoyed the night and really helped with all the dishes, as did President Dunn and Doctor Barton!
No one wanted to leave and we didn't want it to end either. Sign of a good party!

The Jacksons and the Shupes are new fun friends from the area office. They are both working and serving in the Office of General Counsel, solving all the legal issues. 

President Dunn in his apron is letting people out of the gate and saying good-bye! He was a great co-host!  He even showed guests the "Cumorah Crest" emblem that is a cornerstone of the mission home, built into the brick.
Our dear friends, the Bartons! So glad they could come.
Our amazing office couples, Thompsons, Hansens and Allreds! We love them and planned the party together.
Our AP's Menendez and Stephens joined with us and made the evening so much more fun for everyone. They also talked to many people about our missionary efforts and focus. It is always helpful to have them around.

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