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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bianca Gets baptized

On Sunday October 19th, Bianca was baptized by Eugene Jackson. We have known these Young Single Adults and were so happy to be invited to this special baptism.  This was also our first visit to the beautiful Kempton Park Ward.

The inside of the ward was really beautiful, with special stained glass windows.

The families and members were all so impressed. We really enjoyed our visit here and hope to go back very soon.

President Dunn is always maneuvering the big white mission van around.  He is always happy when we find a building and he has the code to get in the gate. It is a navigating challenge usually, but getting better the more we do it and figure out where buildings are.

Below:  The Sunday following Bianca's baptism, October 26th, we invited everyone connected over for a special dinner and celebration. This was the day she actually got confirmed. We were also able to have Pierre, our neighbor,  join with us and meet these new friends that are his age.

I am proud of Bianca and really enjoy her enthusiasm and happy spirit. It was also a special coincidence that Elder Menendez was our newest Assistant, because he actually tracted our Bianca and taught her the discussions. Now that he lives right on the property, he and Elder Stephens were able to arrange their schedules to be with us for dinner. (below)

Here is a toast to Bianca with a little sparkling apple juice that Eugene brought to the party! Again, we were delighted that Pierre could join with us for the gathering and meet al these great young people.
Our Assistants came back over after dinner in their aprons to help us clean up. What great guys! Their mothers trained them well.

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