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Monday, September 7, 2015

Bears seen in KaNymazane too!

On Sunday September 6, 2015 we pulled up in the village of KaNymazane (which the name means the place of wild animals) to be greeted by members and investigators and our missionaries....instead of wild animals. Today we just came to tell a story about a man that survived a "wild animal" attack!
Elder Tukia and Elder Valikoula are holding down the fort in this outlying area. Elder Tukia is completing the training of Elder Valikoula and it is amazing to see how much the language is coming along. They both speak Tongan, but Elder Valikoula is learning English quickly.

This branch meets in a primary school and they come with radiant faces and eagerness to be here. Look at these darling young women and leaders.

A few of the patriarchs are ready for the meeting to start. well as the beloved matriachs!

Elder Swan is welcoming everyone to the fireside, which was held after the three hour block on a Sunday. Boy, these saints are patient to come for three hours and then stay for a few more.

We started with an Insta-Choir from the members. It was touching to hear them sing with the men and women each having parts.

President Dunn shared his bear story with everyone n attendance, which numbered over 60 people, including members and investigators.

Afterwards we gathered in the courtyard of the school. This is a dynamic group of young men that go out with our Elders often.

As the women started bringing out the lunch, members started lining up for the delicious food.

They made delicious chicken, pap, beans, salads and desserts. It was a hearty lunch. We found out that this branch plans a lunch like this every month or so. They may not have a branch building, but they have a community that is bonded. The hope is to have the new building in the next few months.

Look at how sweet the children are, as they are all lined up eating their lunch.

Great members are part of this amazing branch.

We are so impressed with our senior couples, the Scotts and the Swans, for their tireless efforts of finding, teaching, baptizing and fellowshipping in this wonderful area of our mission.

After the fireside, I found the missionaries visiting again with President Dunn.  Elder Tukia heads home next week. It is amazing that his time has come to an end.

Look at these great women as they show off the delicious food that they helped to plan and prepare. President Dunn is peeking at the "baby on the back." It is amazing how efficiently these women carry their little ones on their back, while they sleep.

I love getting better acquainted with these great women and others in the branch.

Sister Swan singlehandedly made all the desserts, which are called "puddings" here in South Africa. I was glad I brought some chocolate chip cookies to go with her amazing assortment.  We need her lemon cookie recipe!:)

The Swans have served so faithfully in this branch. They have 4-5 months left. They are leaving a great legacy to follow.

President Dunn with a great member who is also a grade school teacher.

The children leave their mark on your heart. They are so impressive with their reverence an presence. Goodbye KaNymazane! We will come back soon.

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