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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

30th Anniversary of Johannesburg Temple

Special Temple Celebration-30 Years Young
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On September 15, 2015 the  South Africa Johannesburg Temple was dedicated. Now 30 years later, there is a Celebration!
 On this special day, our Johannesburg Zone was invited to help with the event. Over 100 people were invited to a special luncheon to commemorate and celebrate this occasion. Local business, government and religious leaders form all over Johannesburg were invited to attend. Tours of the temple grounds, foyer and gate room were offered before the lunch.
Here are the missionaries that were selected to serve in a different way today.
Elder Henderson, Elder Malunga, Elder Todd, Elder Carter, Elder Mamhere, Elder Derera, Elder Widdison
The missionaries are receiving "marching orders" from Brother Shawn Donnelly, the Africa SouthEast Area Public Affairs Director.

Elders Mamhere, Widdison, Carter, Malunga, Brown, Souza, Savage, Derera, Todd and Henderson

Taking a snack break before they start serving.

All the missionaries helped to set the tables. It was good Etiquette practice. 

Ready, Set, Go..time!

Lunch is served. Each Elder was in charge of one table. They did a good job serving the food and waiting on the table.
Look at these fancy waiters with their fancy drinks.


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  1. I didn't get to hear about this after, so I love seeing it now. Such a great temple and we're excited to be in it together soon!