President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A bear comes to Lydenberg

On Saturday September 5th a (Michael Dunn)  came to Lydenberg to offer a fireside to members, investigators and the community. Much effort went into advertising this gathering. These signs were hung up all over town.
They even had a member create a banner to let people know about this special event. We had the chance to stand on the street corner prior to the fireside to remind local people to come. This is something we have never done...before a fireside!
People gathered from the area and it was fun to see the efforts that everyone put in to making this event a success.
Elder Pick-up and Elder Edeyaoch brought their investigator, Cecil. They were all so helpful in getting everything set.
The room started to fill up and by the end over 51 people were there, only 17 of which were members.
Elder Pick-up did a great job introducing the program. He and Elder Edeyaoch were highlighted at the end for further contact
The bearman saves his best material for the end, as he shows the sunglasses that also saved his the heat of the attack.
At the end, we gathered with the organizers and also a member of the local press who came to get the story for the local newspaper. We acknowledge Elder and Sister Scott, Elder Edeyaoch and Elder Pick-up and all the local families that really put a great deal of effort into this.
Everyone stayed around for some delicious refreshments after the fireside.

President Dunn had a long interview with the local press. We hope a story materializes. If so, we will post it here!:)

The bear story is a great opportunity to bring members and investigators together. It tells a story people are interested in, while alos bearing witness to God's involvement in our lives. It is a good opportunity for missionaries to plan a local event and advertise it for people to come to. We appreciated the efforts to make this a success.

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  1. Nothing better than the bear talk! I LOVE the sign that they made! So cool -- bring that home with you!

    Love you BBB!