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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Awesome Senior Couples...More Needed!

On October 16-18, we hit the road and headed to the North East with our Assistants, Elder Stephens and Elder Menendez. This was the nicest road trip we have taken, because they chauffeured us the entire way.  We sat in the backseat and worked on mission projects. The senior couples in the Limpopo area are so wonderful. They are having so much fun and making a difference.
We stopped in Polokwane and met up with 3 amazing couples at the newly built Nando's.
The Winwards, the Brammers and the Harwards are serving our missionaries and the members in this area.  We wish we got to be with them more, but absolutely love catching up and hearing of all the progress. They work in 3 different mission dependent branches. Without their leadership right now, the branches would really be struggling.  The hope is when they leave, that the branch will be self sustaining.

Elder Menedez and Harward and Brammer, ready to enjoy delicious chicken, rolls and well as company!

The next night we gathered with the other 4 senior couples serving in the Tzaneen area at the High Grove Pizza Tavern. This is a great way to have a meeting and gathering with everyone at the same time.   It was so pleasant to sit outside and catch up with the great work going on in their area.  It is remarkable how meaningful their work is and how many couples would love the chance to come and do this, if only they better understood what was involved.  Seated are the Heyen's  from Oregon, the Meldrums from Canada, the Butlers from Utah and the Campbell's from Arizona. All great people and we feel so lucky to work together with them. We couldn't do our callings without their amazing contribution and teamwork.  If you know anyone interested in serving as a sneior couple...tell them we need them and this is the most amazing place to serve.  We are definitely recruiting!!

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