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Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 Elders are Oriented Today

On Thursday October 2nd, a beautiful morning brought our newest Elders for an Orientation at the Mission Home. This was their first visit to their mission home and an lovely opportunity to gather and orient them to more details and information about this, the greatest mission in the world!

 (Below these are all beautiful flowers blooming at the mission home, now that it is October..not what I am used to in the fall at home in Utah!)

Elder Swindelhurst (from Irvine, California) and his trainer, Elder Peterson (fromVernal, Utah)

 Elder Broadhead, (from St. George, Ut.) and his trainer Elder Martin (from Gachnang, Switzerland)

Elder Todd (from Lehi, Utah) and his trainer, Elder Christie ( from Tomball, Texas)

 Elder Downs (from Wichita, Kansas) is serving in the Tzaneen area  with Elder Perkins as his trainer (Alpine, Utah)  and unable to travel down the 5 hours for this meeting. We  missed them, but will connect with them soon and give him the same information.

We gathered for 2 hours and had the Assistants present the demographics of the mission and a Q and A. This is a great chance to discuss aspects of serving in all the different areas of the mission, i.e. villages, townships, towns and cities. They also show where all 186 missionaries are  originally from, which is over 32 countries.  President Dunn and I also take time to tell them a few important things, like how much we love them, how impressed we are with how prepared they have come, and our aspirations for them.  We share the maxims for the mission like…”Do the Hard Things First”  Be A Doctrine of Christ Mission” Practice Joyful Obedience” “Know Your Call is Inspired of God”

I continue to share the message of “Being a Consecrated Missionary.” The talk by Tad Callister is one I pass out. I then compare the mission experience, like Brother Callister does, to ascending a mountain. They have just embarked on the trail, while others are up ahead, looking back down the trail. Being a guide is like being a trainer. They have walked this path before, and can guide a brother through the challenges and pitfalls of the varied terrain.

Reaching the summit is such a lofty goal, because you want to keep on climbing throughout your life.  The new horizons and vistas are exhilarating and change you perspective forever. We remind them that they will be on the summit of their mission before they know it, so to savor the journey and each step along the way.

Finishing our training with the great mission song. Elder Peterson is so proficient on the piano and we love it when he comes and can accompany Elders.

 We started the morning with a warm sweetroll and orange juice and then enjoyed a Braai-B-B-Q after the Orientation, serving up  classic cheeseburgers, watermelon, carrot sticks, potato chips and chocolate chip cookies, with ice cold lemonade.  Everyone came back for more!!
We thank the Allred’s for coming and participating. They helped get the food on and brought the delicious cookies.

We coerced Elder Swindlehurst to play something on the guitar for us. He is very talented and explained that thanks to his dad, he learned the fundamentals of guitar at a very early age. He now can hear songs and create his own versions through his good ear and time and practice.  It was beautiful to hear him play a rendition of "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing." I warned him that is one that I will request each time he comes to the mission home for the next 23 months!

A little friendly "round the world" ping pong match happened while the burgers were cooking.
They even got the BBQ Chef (President Dunn) to play a few points.

We said goodbye and reminded these great trainers and new Elders that in 10 days, they will no longer be the "greenies" of the mission. We have 9 new Elders joining us with the next transfer, October 15th!!

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  1. Your sweet rolls look AMAZING, miss those! Love the picture of Dad singing and playing ping pong!
    Great update!