President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Surprising the President

It is not easy to surprise President Dunn! So, after careful planning, we were able to pull off a good one on him this past week.  He was in the mission office on Monday November 28th, thinking it was a regular Monday. The Assistants came in and asked him if they could meet with them for a minute. As they came in they closed the door behind them and proceeded to try to discuss an important matter. While they were talking to him a knock came to the door and in walked our daughter Emi and her 4 month old daughter Reagan. President Dunn had never met Reagan and all of this was a complete surprise.

Emi traveled 30+ hours solo to bring this little precious bundle to us and is staying here for 2 weeks. She has already been able to participate in many special missionary moments. She helped welcome 2 new Elders, Elder Davey and Blow and also came to the Benoni Christmas Fireside where all our Benoni Elders were attending. This coming week she will be part of the Mission Tour and also will help us bid farewell to 4 outstanding missionaries next week before she leaves.
It is such a pleasure to have them both with us. What an early Christmas gift!
Below are a few other pictures from the first day with Emi and Reagan.

Out surprise team. Elder Zitumane and Elder Campbell fooled President Dunn and Sister Willis and Sister Foxx were in on it and came and took pictures and added to the fun of the surprise.

Reagan got to go to the mission home next and meet Sister Irene. They immediately connected.

Reagan got comfortable quick and enjoyed her elephant quilt (that I made for her before she was born)

President Dunn, aka "Papa Bear" is in heaven having Reagan be with us in the mission home.

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