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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Candids from the Mission Tour

Elder and Sister Ellis stay at the SAJM mission home to make this a real "mission tour." Even though they live just 20 minutes away, they gave us the tour experience so we could all spend more time together.
We enjoyed a nice evening together with dinner and time to really visit and discuss many aspects of the mission. Elder and Sister Ellis came to South Africa in August 2014, just a few weeks after we arrived. they also go home at the asme time we go home in July 2017. It has been sweet to share this journey with them.

Our day started with a healthy breakfast together before the mission tour began.
It is such a treat to have the Ellis' presence in the mission home- especially as house guests.
Add captionWe were also able to have our daughter Emi share in this experience. It is such a special time for all of us. We also had another night during the mission tour when the mission home was filled with wonderful house guests. Our Nelspruit senior couples and Sister Willis and Sister Foxx and the Assistants joined with us on Monday night before the conference began.

An extra shot taken after the zone pictures
L-R: Sister Foxx, Sister Willis, President and Sister Dunn, Sister and Elder Ellis, Elder Campbell, Elder Zitumane

On both days the conference began with announcements and then Elder Ellis gave a wonderful introduction about how to get the most form the mission tour. President and Sister Dunn both were asked to share a message or training. Afterwards, Sister and Elder Ellis presented and trained.
President Dunn doing a role play with Elder Kokotiko about the importance of getting people to church

Lunch happened after all the training. It is a nice time to relax and mingle with each other. We took group (zone) pictures after and there was one more training for zone leaders and district leaders.

Sister and Elder Wells oversee the lunch set up and help us make sure everyone gets served.
We had extra help today serving our chicken pot pies and salad!

Elder Ellis training the zone leaders and district leaders after lunch.

Elder Ellis also arranged for a senior couple discussion at the very end. It was a nice opportunity to discuss how things are going and some expectations.
Sister Robison grabbed me for a picture! Love this gal.
Some missionaries were waiting for the leadership meetings to end- allowing them some time to be together.
We feel honored to have Reagan Kate Reagan with us at our 2016 Mission Tour. We will forever remember having her presence here.
We had our little grand-daughter here and needed to take the opportunity to put her in a picture with lots of missionaries.!

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