President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Missionary Morning in Millcreek

After Thomas Graham's wedding reception- we had a few house guests stay with us. We couldn't go to bed without a little Rooibos tea.

The next morning we  met in Millcreek Canyon and had a fun breakfast and hike/bike activity afterwards.

Everything about this morning was "Lekker!"

We served three kinds of egg souffles. We also served malva pudding as a breakfast cake.

Perfect weather...perfect number to gather around a table.

Beginning our 6 mile round trip hike up Grandeur Peak
So wonderful to have Saul Hentunen from Finland and Mattias Bergman from Sweden.

Such a perfect weather day in Millcreek Canyon.
View from Grandeur Summit

Elder Bergman, Hentunen and Clegg...on the Summit of Grandeur Peak
View from the saddle

A beautiful day in Millcreek Canyon! Perfect weather day for a breakfast and hike.
We gathered back at our house with a few -Mattias, Tanner and Saul
Ashlan came and picked up Mattias and went to the conference center for a few hours on Saturday.


  1. Fun and YUMMY breakfast!! Love it!

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