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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mission Leadership Council Gathers Today

Mission Leadership Council
September 18, 2014

Every 6 weeks, the zone leaders of our mission gather and discuss matters relevant to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission. This is a time to discuss upcoming events, debrief on recent zone conferences and discuss issues that are concerns.

We love having these seasoned missionaries arrive and share their experiences and leadership challenges. It is a nice forum to discuss ways to improve the mission, conferences, exchanges and working with ward and branch members in furthering the missionary work. 

Our mission has had over 500 baptisms so far this year.  The hope is to reach 750 by the end of the year. That is an average of 1 baptism each month for each companionship.  We are  fortunate to be in such a productive mission, where people want to know more about Jesus Christ and have already recognized a higher power in their life.  What a great “life changing” work to be engaged in.
After the meeting was conducted, Sister Dunn had resources for all the zone leaders. They received extra first aid kits for their zones, to augment what every missionary apartment or flat should have, but doesn't always. They are part of the "wellness team" and help meet the needs of their zone. 

They also received great talks and resources for their district and zone training meetings.

Here are the awesome zone leaders from various area’s:

Elder Louw and Elder Reed team up to lead out in the North East area, i.e. Polokwane and Tzaneen area.  Elder Louw (below-R) heads home on the next transfer in 3 weeks. He will be sorely missed.

Elder Koyle and Elder Ranjato lead out in the largest zone, the Benoni zone, with over 26 missionaries in that area. (above)

(ULeft)-Elder Luthy and Elder Lucking serve in the Bedfordview Zone and only have about 3 full weeks left serving together before Elder Luthy heads for home.

(URight)Elder Bird and Elder Dalton have held it together in the NorthWest Zone. We are also losing Elder Bird in three weeks for home. These are such great leaders!

(LRight)Elder Wilkinson and Elder Dye lead out in the Soweto Zone

(LLeft)Elder Matos and Elder Kelebogile are good friends and Zone leaders in the Centurion Zone.

Elder Menendez and Elder George head up the geographically spread out Vaal Zone. 
Elder Farnes and Elder Kolditz  lead out in the Johannesburg Zone.
Elder Neuenschwander  and Elder Wadsworth are heading up the Pretoria Zone and doing a great job. They look like brothers don’t they?
Elder Ndikumanu and Elder Pederson are our zone leaders for Pretoria North. 

 This past week we have had three Assistants again. Elder Flynn joined the ranks for a week during zone conference. We have enjoyed the energy of all there of them and his help during a busy zone conference week.  Elder Stephens and Elder Davies have done a great job leading out as the Assistants.  It is a big job and one that never ends!!
Sloppy Joes were enjoyed by all! It is a great "comfort food" and fun to make something homemade for these great Elders. All the senior couples also helped with the food and serving.

President and Sister Dunn are busy taking every missionaries picture in the mission as we redo the mission board. We took ours today and we might be the very last ones.  It will be fun to get the new transfer board up soon...(Stayed tuned)
Hopefully it will be up by early next week!   We are so humbled to be counted among this missions.. "full time missionaries." What an honor to wear this badge!

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  1. those last two are the cutest missionaries of them all! :)