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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MTC: Day three...

It's Monday and we are halfway through our experience at the MTC. It's going so fast and certainly is the proverbial firehose of information coming at us. But we are learning and loving every minute of it. Today began with a remarkable address by President Henry B. Eyring. His overarching message is that God knows his servants and "prepares the way for us" in exacting detail. He was followed by Elder Quentin L. Cook who talked about the "Covenant Pathway," which extends all the way through the temple. Other great workshops—and pages of notes— followed. Then we ended the day with a rare night off and a refreshing late evening hike on Mt. Timpanogos...(MAD)

Arriving at the Missionary Training Center for nine hours of instruction.

Monday's agenda...

Break time includes comparing notes with fellow African missionaries, Forast and Carolyn Thomas who are heading to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
An afternoon panel discussion moderated by Elder David Evans included a range of topics including developing mission culture and the emotional well being of missionaries. Elder Bednar, Elder Nelson and Elder Oaks were also part of the panel.

The evening schedule included the opportunity to meet missionaries coming to your mission. But since all of our missionaries go directly to the MTC in Johannesburg, we had no missionaries in Provo to meet. So, we had the night off. Which meant an incredible early evening hike up the back side of beautiful Mt. Timpaonogos.
...and we ended the night with a real treat; being able to FaceTime with our kids. It really is the next best thing to being there.

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  1. Love it all! You make us feel like we are there! The hike looks amazing and the sessions look so great.
    Tell mom I love her outfit in these! LOVE YOU!