President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Called To Serve!

We opened our mission call with our family in Deer Valley after Christmas 
on December 26th. We wanted to let Christmas be separate and 
decided to share the surprise of our call by giving them a 2014 
calendar with our departure date listed on July 1, 2014.
We received our call in the mail much earlier than we were told to expect it. 
When it arrived we wrapped it up as a Christmas present, so we 
were not tempted to open it before we were with all our kids after Christmas. 
We had waited 2 weeks to open it with everyone.
Well here it is.  Are we ready to know where we will be 
spending the next three years? We laid out all the options 
on the table in word strips and watched our 
kids take turns picking their top choices. 
Mindy picked South Africa Johannesburg on her first round because 
it is a very special place for her family. Her grandpa Stan Smith 
built the temple there and her grandpa H.R. Wagstaff served his mission there at 19. 
Opening a mission call is quite an experience.  You can only imagine all the places you will go and then to actually see the words and try to wrap your head around it is an amazing experience.  See the video below. It tells more than words could ever say!


  1. How exciting Pres and Sister Dunn---My son Elder Sean George is serving in Mokopane. He left in 11/12. He was heading up to a district conference and baboons walked across the road! Best wishes and love to you as you prepare--thank you for being willing to love and help all of our sons.
    Brenda George

  2. President and Sister Dunn, Congratulations. You have been called to a truly amazing part of the world and a wonderful mission. We have been serving in the mission for the last 10 months in Tzaneen. We and the rest of the mission are looking forward to greeting you when you arrive. Elder and Sister Heyen