President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, June 13, 2021

We held an SAJM reunion on Friday May 21 and were so delighted to learn that Manuel Matos was able to join with us. He recently was granted asylum in the US after leaving his native country. Please keep his wife in your prayers and she is coming to Utah to join him as soon as she gets through US custom processes. We love him and all our missionaries around the globe. It was such a treat to have him share a little bit of his most amazing and harrowing story. he shares his witness of miracles all along the way.

Sean and Rachel now have 2 little one, Ellie and Abbi
President Dunn (who we call Papa Bear is also so good with little ones)
So fun to see the Thomas Graham family with newest little one. 

Brent and Lissa Thompson were the best office missionary couples you could ever ask for. So great to see them again.

Taylor Perkins and family were so fun to catch up with.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Stevenson and Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Lambert stay connected and also live close to each other and hang out. So happy they could join us.

Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Todd- so happy to see you guys again. It has been too long.

Mr. and Mrs. Dane Cowan- Dane gets the award for RSVP'ing the quickest and making the effort to come to the most reunions! Please keep it up.

We plan to stay close and in touch with Manuel and looking forward to meeting his wife as soon as she comes to Utah.

So great to see Taft Asay and his beautiful wife again and new beautiful baby daughter. Love you guys!

Look who came right when every one was leaving. We had a nice chance to catch up with Tanner Clegg. We are blessed by our associations.

Last weekend, June 5-6, we were in Vernal Utah at a stake conference and had the delightful opportunity to be reunited with Christian Peterson. He came to the conference with his mom and da. We are thrilled to get reunited. Christian is starting med school at the U in the fall. Congrats! We are delighted he will be living in SLC and we can host him at our home in the near future.